Charity Grubb1

F, (29 September 1687 - 27 November 1761)

Father*John Grubb1,2 (16 Aug 1652 - 10 Mar 1708)
Mother*Frances (?)1 ( - 1719)
Charity Grubb|b. 29 Sep 1687\nd. 27 Nov 1761|p2592.htm|John Grubb|b. 16 Aug 1652\nd. 10 Mar 1708|p2594.htm|Frances (?)|d. 1719|p2595.htm|Henry Grubb|b. Jul 1617\nd. b 1674|p2596.htm|Wilmot (?)|d. 30 Sep 1698|p2597.htm|||||||

Charts Pedigree for Stanley Russell McKinney
Relationship 8th great-grandmother of James Jay McKinney.
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Note Charity was ordained at New Garden, NC monthly meeting of the Quakers in 1728 and preached in Quaker churches in Guilford and Randolph Counties.3 
Married Name Beeson1 

, Principal=John Grubb, Witness=Frances (?), Witness=Richard Beeson, Witness=Rachel Pennington, Witness=Isaac Pennington 
Religion* Richard Beeson and wife Charity became members of the Quaker faith in early life and continued as active members becoming ministers, preaching in various meetings until shortly before their deaths. The following records trace their migration from Pennsylvania down to Frederick Co., Va., and finally to Guilford Co., N. C., where they are buried., Principal=Richard Beeson4 
Birth*29 September 1687 PA, Mention of Brandywine Hundred, Newcastle, DE1 
Birth29 November 1687 Grubbs Landing, PA3 
Marriage*24 October 1706 Principal=Richard Beeson1,4 
Marriage24 December 1706 Chester Co., PA, Principal=Richard Beeson3 
Note*30 January 1728 PA, "l-30-1728, Nottingham preparative Meeting proposed tothe Meeting for Charity Beeson, To have a Certificate to Recommend her to ye meeting of ministers so this meeting appoints Thos. Brown and William Reynolds to Enquire into her conversation and ministry and to Give an account to ye next Holy Meeting."4 
Residence*1754 Guilford Co., NC, Richard and Charity Beeson were received at New Garden Monthly Meeting, North Carolina, 11 mo. 30, 1754 by certificate from Hopewell dated 9 mo. 2, 1754. New Garden, N. C. was established 1754. They travelled through the Quaker sections of North and South Carolina, where records of various meetings mention services conducted by them. Their deaths are recorded in the Center Monthly Meeting records, Guilford County, North Carolina., Principal=Richard Beeson4 
Death*27 November 1761 Guilford Co., NC1,4,3 


Richard Beeson
Marriage*24 October 1706 Principal=Richard Beeson1,4 
Marriage24 December 1706 Chester Co., PA, Principal=Richard Beeson3 


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